Not all black salves are the same

'We have gathered the facts and myths about black salves so you can make an informed decision about using them'


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Best Places to Get Black Salves

Not all black salves are the same.  We have looked at numerous types of black salves and have found that some salves are make with oils and others are make with water.  The black salves made with water tend to be hotter and seem to damage the skin much more that the oil based black salves.  It is our recommendation that one should use the oil based black salves, they heal better and do not cause the scarring experienced with the water based salves.  One other factor is the amount of zinc chloride, most water based salves contain over 40% zinc chloride and this causes burning and also will damage health tissue.  Oil based salves with less that 30% zinc chloride have proven to be just as effective without all the nasty burning and scarring.  We have looked at numerous black salves and have found only one company that uses neem and olive oil in their black salves and that company is Risingsun Health.  You can get their salves on line at or from their distributors.  We do recommend that you contact your health food store or practitioner and have them get the salve for you, this way you can ask any questions you may have.


In researching black salves make sure the company you are buying from has a tracebility in place. Tracability is how a company keeps track of the ingredients and batches it makes so that if there is a concern about product they can trace where all the ingredients oridinginated from, specificcaly the ingredients in the black salves.  Make sure the salves has a Lot# and MFD (manufacture date) on the container.