Not all black salves are the same

'We have gathered the facts and myths about black salves so you can make an informed decision about using them'


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Welcome Bloodroot Black Salve

This site has been created to provide you with information pertaining to black salves and bloodroot pastes and how to use them.  We also research numerous black salves and bloodroot pastes and provide that information to you.  Not all black salves are a like, there are oil based and water based salves and pastes.

On the web you will see or have seen claims about black salves and bloodroot pastes.  Some seem to be to good to believe and on the other had other information shows and tells the dark side of black salves.  Regarding the dark side. There is a black salve being sold that contains sulphuric acid.  This black salve has caused serious damage to the skin and there is only one company that we know of that uses sulpuric acid and they claim to be out of Ecuador.   It is the black salve from Alpha Omega Labs and they have been banned from selling it and the owner is presently a fugitive of the FDA.  The salve actually caused an woman to lose her nose.  Yes her nose.  Another woman had serious damage to her breast from the same salve and there are also numerous documented cases of serious damage to healthy skin and serious scarring from the Alpha Omega black salve. As we have said previously, this is the only salve that we have found that has caused such serious skin damage.


Some black salve formulas contain zinc chloride in amounts over 40%.  These too can actually cause some damage to healthy skin.  Companies that put 40% or more of zinc chloride believe that traditional black salves must have this amount to be effective.  That is not the case.  By adding DMSO and reducing the amount of zinc chloride salves can be just as effective.  In some cases however, desired results may take 3-10 days longer than the salves this higher concentrations of zinc chloride.  If black salves perform just as well with less zinc chloride we believe that these salves are much more safer and also more beneficial.  What we mean by more beneficial is that they reduce the scarring issue of which is very important. One other factor is the


The is also another issue, the ingredients in black salves.  Black salves and bloodroot pastes start with a either a base ingredient of distilled water or oil.  Water based salves dry out faster and cause more scaring.  Oil bases salves keep the area moist and do not dry out, thus reduce the scarring factor by as much as 70%. Instead of listing all the companies that make black salves and whether they use oil or distilled water as a base, we will just list the companies that use oil in their black salves. The only company we know that uses oil in their black salves and bloodroot pastes is Risingsun Health/Bloodroot Products.  Their reasoning is logical, the oil base reduces if not prevents scarring.


Now that we have a broad understanding of black salves and bloodroot pastes, we recommend that you research the information on this site.  The information is as accurate as we can document and if you have any questions or comments contact us at If you are a provider of black salves or bloodroot pastes and would like us to review your product, feel free to contact us.